Leonor Macedo

From the Inside Out: Leonor Macedo

Leonor Macedo has been with us since the beginning. She was one of the first content creators to share our product (because she really used it and wanted to show it). She is a lover of sun, discovery, exercise and good food and following her has also been a beautiful journey!

Now you can learn more about her in this one from the inside out.


Sign: Taurus
Season: Summer
Color: Blue
A book: Good Vibes, Good Life
A movie: Soul Surfer
A song: Follow the Sun
A podcast: N'A Caravana - Rita Ferro Alvim
An object: Camera - it is the best way I can keep all the amazing moments I have experienced (or most of them).
Favorite Place in the World: The sea ( countries were many :) )

Leonor Macedo - Being


Who and what inspires you?
People who go after their dreams and work towards internal happiness and personal development.

What do you have yet to create?
A lot, but on a personal level I would say emotional stability. I am a very intense person and therefore very emotional as well.

How do you maintain your creativity?
The biggest key to creativity for me is to feel good about myself. When I am happy and in balance everything flows :)

Leonor Macedo - Create


First thing to do when you wake up: Water with lemon + Detox Drops
How to relax at the end of the day: Walk at sunset.
A place to unplug: By the sea.
Favorite physical exercise: Surfing and yoga.
How do you discharge stress? With physical exercise, usually surfing, yoga or a run in the open air.
A woman who inspires you: I am inspired by many women. But I couldn't fail to mention the one who is closest to me and who inspires me EVERY day: my mother. My mother has a beautiful personal development project, and she is without a doubt a great example of drive and authenticity for me.

Leonor Macedo - LIVING


Your ideal diet is... Plant-based.
What you always have in the fridge: Fruit.

Dinner-saving recipe: Buddha Bowl (basically gather all the leftover veggies in the fridge and add a protein, some toppings and/or gravy, it's a great way to break up leftovers and make a quick meal). I always try to add a carbohydrate as well. And I always try to make a colorful bowl, use ingredients of various colors.

Favorite drink: Water.
Favorite Snack: Smoothie Bowls.
Favorite Restaurant: I have many. But I love Local Your Healthy Kitchen, Jays, Legasea, Nalu Bowls, Boa Bao, Confraria, ....
Favorite cookbooks: Earthy Andy - "Plant over processed" and Matilde Macedo - "Nourish & Flourish".

Leonor Macedo - NUTRIR


Beauty icon: Jess Lee Buchanan.
An essential piece of clothing: Bikini.
What's not missing in your beauty routine: Moisturize.
Favorite MPL'beauty product: Pure Sun Face Serum e Detox Drops
How do you feel more beautiful? When I'm happy and my body is in balance, I think the glow I bring out is immediately different. And so when I feel more beautiful is when I'm better inside. I like to look natural (no makeup, nothing), so I value a hydrated skin with a good color.

Leonor Macedo - CARING

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