Horoscope November

Here we go to the month of Scorpio. A mysterious, sensitive sign of deep feelings. This season invites us to rummage into our bowels and face the things that scare us most and that we avoid. This season also brings us two eclipses: the solar eclipse (as it occurs in the new moon phase) in Scorpio, on October 25, and the lunar eclipse (as it is full moon phase) in Taurus, on November 8 . All this screams transformation.

The planet of Carneiro, Mars, is in retrograde motion, which will translate into a period of self-reflection for the native (or ascendant) of this sign. You may feel changes in the professional context, which make her question her identity, as her profession occupies a wide space in the idea she built about themselves. Personally, if you feel that you are having too many discussions and friction with important people in your life, believe it is to be taken to more clarity ways. It may even be a good time to strengthen ties. By the way, the lunar eclipse in Taurus, on November 8, will pull the most sensual side, so enjoy this more fun and relaxed side and take a break from the usual All Work and Play.

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Think this month as a skin change, because the first eclipse is in your sign. It will feel life unfolds slowly, but the second half of the month will be more fruitful. Solving past things and making room for new things is the watchword. Opportunities, at work and in the loving plan, will be there, if you want to grab them.

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It is time to advance to a completely different version of you. Learn to be more vulnerable and show what you truly feel. It may be painful, but it's the way. You may feel tempted to ignore these emotions, focusing too much on work, but remember that it is important to face interpersonal challenges.

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It seems that everything is happening at the same time in your life and it can be difficult to pay attention to everything. It is important to evaluate your priorities and invest time and money according to them. This month asks you to dream loudly and imagine the potential in your life.

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Your usual expansion will be exchanged for a need for introversion. It does not mean that you do not feel the need to see people or to socialize, but it will be something much more soft. This energy will change in the middle of the month, with the entry of Venus in the House of Pleasure, Romance and Creativity. Then yes, time for expansion and excesses. You will not miss anything during this month!

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Many things to happen in the House of Communication. It is normal for you to feel more busy than usual and proliferated. Enjoy investing in your projects! The second half of the month, already with Sagittarian air, will focus on the home sector. It's a great time to be with friends, to forget the routine and the rules, and to drink some extra glasses.

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With Venus, his planet, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, all the energy will be centered on their finances. This is not a time for big spending, although it may feel impulses, but to evaluate financial, professional or personal dynamics. But hey!, The second part of the month will be lighter and more communicative, with space to shine socially, as is its custom, and find new calls that fill all their curiosity.

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Sol, Venus and Mercury, and an Eclipse in Scorpio - something screams more transformation than that? Think of the creation of new things, in restarts. It can project with optimism, because the second part of the month brings a more harmonious and positive energy around romance, creativity, dreams and fun.

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With the planet governing the sign, Jupiter, in retrograde motion, this is a moment to reflect and connect to its intuition. Respect your slower movement, which will change in the middle of the month, when Sol and Jupiter change their position. Then, feel proudly vain and enjoy receiving people! Mercury will help you feel communicative and, better yet, super tuned with those around it.

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The lunar eclipse of November 8 illuminates its expression and brings empowerment at the creative and romantic level. In addition, the partnership -related sector will be arm given to Neptune, the Planet of Dreams and Spirituality. You may feel really inspired in the next few times, so use it to put your most grand ideas out here-and perhaps put them into practice.

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Eclipse in Scorpio puts the whole focus on your career. Their anxieties and doubts begin to seem unjustified as they observe their growing success. The transition may be overwhelmed, but keep present that is now in command and not drift. It's time to realize the impact of your achievements on your community and feel proudly part of it.

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Scorpio energy asks him to abandon his routine side and throw himself into something new and adventurous. Luck will be on your side in early November, which can bring very good results, especially in your career. You will feel more confident, so take the opportunity to make everything that goes through your mind - after all, dreaming loudly is the best that native fish can do.

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