Face: The best beauty routine

A good routine of beauty for the face is the one we can keep consistently and adapts to what our skin asks, and this can vary throughout our lives.

There are some important rules to maximize the benefits of beauty products. Just like what we eat, we should look for beauty products with natural and biological ingredients. After all, the skin is our greatest organ and everything that comes into contact with it will pass in our bloodstream and affect our hormonal system.

It is essential to apply the products by the correct order, otherwise it will not be extracting the maximum of each formula. Always think about texture - from least thick to thicker.

Last but equally important: consistency! Be consistent and have patience. You have to use the products for at least six weeks to begin to notice differences. Therefore, it has moved to a new routine and is not having immediate effects, does not despair. Give time for your skin to adapt.

MPL'beauty face routine:

Clean the skin with the Cleaning kit

Even washing your face or cleaning the skin at night, it is important to do so in the morning. This is because, at night, your skin can continue to produce oiliness and absorb dirt (you can sweat, for example, and we also have enough mites living on our pillows). As Cleaning kit, has the two products necessary for an effective skin cleaning: a be a, suitable for all skin types (oily skin included) and a Organic cotton towel. It is a step that you should do in the morning and evening and makes a brutal difference in the appearance of your skin.

Prepare the skin to receive hydration

This is where the tonic comes in, a hydration enhancer and also something that refreshes and calms the skin. Anyone can use a tonic and are especially useful for oily or acne skin because they remove excess oils on the skin and dirt in the pores. You can choose the MPL'beauty essence that best suits what you want for your skin. They are wonderful also for very hot days or when they did not sleep the necessary, for the instant freshness they give the skin.

Moisturize the contour of the eyes with the EFFECTIVE SERUM

Before moisturizing the face, it should moisturize the contour of the eyes. Some say it should be the opposite, but at MPL'beauty we defend this order. This is because the eye contour skin is super delicate and it is appropriate to moisturize it when it is still “virgin”, that is, without putting another moisturizer on top. Skin benefits and toning action are much better achieved in this way. And with the steel applicator, there is a refreshing action on the skin that helps to mitigate dark circles and eyes swollen right after waking up.

Moisturize the face with the Be a right for you

Here you should choose the one that best suits your skin type. Look for formulas rich in botanical and antioxidants, capable of protecting and stimulating the natural elasticity and brightness of your skin. Because they are a high concentration of powerful ingredients, the SERRANS They are usually the biggest investment in a beauty routine - and it is well worth it, because they are one of the most essential steps in an effective anti -aging routine.

Reinforce hydration with the regenerate or Revitalize Cream

Lastly, finish your routine with a thicker moisturizer. Those who have very dry or mature skin will feel this need almost all year round, while some people can only feel at specific times, such as during the colder months. Bet on regenerate If you have a very dry, irritated or sensitive skin. Opt for Revitalize Cream If you need intensive anti-aging care to fill wrinkles and stimulate skin elasticity.