From the Inside Out with Antonia Figueiredo

My name is AntoniaI am a multidisciplinary artist. I think my paintings evoke a sense of irreverent passion and feminine power. Using acrylics, oil pastels and collage on canvas, I use organic tones and textures with strong colors to create classic, everyday forms contrasted by pop iconography and text. Born in Brazil in 1997, I have since established a new life for myself in Lisbon.

From the Inside Out with Antonia Figueiredo


Sign: Sun in Leo, Ascendant in Aquarius and Moon in Libra

Season: Spring and the turn from summer to fall

A color: Blue

A book: Any of Joseph Cambpell e Alan WattsI can't choose just one😂

A movie: Funny Girl 

A song: B'nd - Connan Mockasin

A podcast: I accept recommendations

An object: My notebooks

Favorite place in the world: My home

From the Inside Out with Antonia Figueiredo


Who and what inspires you? My environment and my friends. I think it's very important to always be surrounded by beauty. 

What do you still need to create? So much, I've just started and life is very long 

How do you maintain your creativity? With routine and curiosity

Inside Out with Antonia Figueiredo


First thing to do when you wake up: Drink water.

How to relax at the end of the day: Turning those last hours into moments of ritual, slowing down. Bath, skin care, book. For me, the idea of relaxing is closely linked to a sense of security.

A place to switch off: Anywhere that has a view and you can see the moon, the horizon expands your gaze. 

Favorite physical exercise: Aerobics, something that moves my body. 

How you release stress: By listening to music very loudly.

A woman who inspires you: Every woman who is confident in herself. 

Inside Out with Antonia Figueiredo


Your ideal diet is... Made at home, together, shared between friends, with a huge variety of dishes. For me, it would be like that every day.

What you always have in the fridge: Milk for coffee.

Dinner-saving recipe: Any kind of pasta. It's almost impossible to go wrong.

Favorite drink: Coffee, water, and any drink with tequila. 

Favorite snack: Apples - preferably Pink Lady or Granny Smith

Favorite restaurant: Oyster And Margarita 

Favorite cookbooks: When I cook I rarely use a recipe, I depend 100% on my husband who was a chef and corrects me as I invent.

Inside Out with Antonia Figueiredo


Icon of beauty: Monica Belucci

An essential piece of clothing: Lingerie

What's not missing from your beauty routine: Gua Sha

Favorite MPL'beauty product: O sha water mushroom but I can't wait to try ALL the products 

How do you feel most beautiful? When I'm relaxed, when I see that I'm centered, when I'm laughing, when I feel safe. 

Inside Out with Antonia Figueiredo