DDPF Vera Caldeira

Vera Caldeira is one of the souls behind the Mustique , a Portuguese fashion brand that has been growing exponentially. 

We were very curious to realize what "feeds" the Co Founder of this brand so creative, colorful and innovative that this year turns 5 years (congratulations!)

Here we are fans and we have been following the growth up close, and they are our "neighbors" in the Stylist Market, which will happen again next May 27-28 at Estoril. 


Sign: Scorpion

Seasons: Summer

A Collor: White

A book: Hold Still (Sally Mann)

Film: Lady Bird

A song: Speed ​​Racer (Fernanda Abreu)

A podcast: Armchair Expert (Dax Shepard)

An object: Camera

Favorite place in the world: VICENTIN COSTA


Who and what inspires you? Other creative & your art

What do you still need to create? A lot, I hope :)

How to maintain creativity? Eyes, Mind + Open Heart


First thing to do when you wake up: Stretch

How to relax at the end of the day: Outdoor

A place to turn off: Beach

Preferred physical exercise: To walk

How to discharge the stress: Breathe

A woman who inspires you: My friends


Your ideal diet is…  Free & balanced

What do you always have in the fridge: Hummus

SAVING RECIPE: Salmon in the oven with vegetables

Favorite drink: Water, wine + Moscow Mule

Preferred snack: Croquette do Galeto

Favorite Restaurant: Tasca Baldracca

Favorite kitchen books: I don't have


Beauty icon: Penelope Cruz

An essential piece of clothing: Good gang pants

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: Sleep 8 hours a day

Product MPL'beauty favorite: Henna

How do you feel more beautiful? Tanned, without makeup, dressed to go to dinner