All about the Cupping Kit

Everything that promises firmer, luminous and soft skin is a yes for us!

Of Super Kit lifting, to the Guar It is facial rolls, we love tools that enhance the beauty routine, with an important purpose: modeling and circumventing the skin from the face as naturally as possible. And that is why we wanted to bring him the CUPPING KIT, your new go to for one sculpted and toned face - Composed of two Cups silicone and one be a specific facial for massage. 

What I need to know about “Face Cupping”?

“Face Cupping” is an ancestral modality of traditional Chinese medicine, known for detoxify and clean the skin and its layers.

It helps break stagnation and congestion in the tissues while stimulating blood circulation. It also helps activate the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the skin.

It works through slight suction in which glasses slide through the face and neck, so as to “move everything” helping to disinhole, better define the contour of the face, enhance firmness, brightness and filling thin lines.


What are the benefits of this technique?

This technique not only sculpa skin as well as improves the contour of the face (namely the jaw), DISINK AND HELPS IN FINE RINE STORING (Perfect for the area around the eyes, lips and forehead). You can also use the Cup Smaller to calm skin irructions.

Just 5 minutes of your day to say goodbye to the swelling and Hello to a light, soft and filled skin. Do you know that “healthy air” that we are missing so many times? It's here, as if you have gone to run in the morning (but without the effort). O Face Cupping Disinflam the face and enhances the blood circulation to the surface of the skin. 


How to use?

This one kit Includes two Cups Premium silicone and a bag to store them.

Cup BIG Developed for larger zones of the face (cheeks, jaw and forehead) and neck.

Cup SMALL for more delicate areas around the eyes and surrounding the lips.

Serum sculpt Developed specifically to do this massage - perfect for preparing the skin for Cupping ritual and as a daily moisturizer. A mixture of botanical active that gently balance, soften and end pores.

 What do you need to know before using:

    • The more I press the Cup More suction will create. To relieve suction press less;

    • Always use one light suction, especially around the eyes;

    • Support the skin with the opposite hand to prevent stretching too much;

    • pinch and release the Cup to create a pumping action;

    • you Cups They must slide without friction, make sure it has sufficient serum Sculpt in the skin;

    • Getting the skin marked or red is not the goal. Leaving the cups on the skin with a strong suction can cause black. You Cups They should not be in the same place for more than a few seconds;

    • These cups are not approved to use directly over skin cancer, skin that has easily or injured marks;

    • Wait 2 to 3 weeks to use Cups over any area that has been injected or with botox; TO USE

    • 1/ Breathe deeply.

    • 2/ Massaje generously the serum Sculpt on the face and neck.

    • 3/ Start doing the Cupping using both sizes of Cups. Use a light suction to work your face and neck. 

  • The soft suction created by these small suction cups (Cups) Helps to stimulate collagen and skin elastin - filling in, referring and helping in lymphatic drainage. It is normal to verify some redness as it is exercising the facial muscles and stimulating blood circulation. 

    After performing the Cupping technique, we suggest applying a face mask - such as the Luminous - which will help to deeply moisturize the skin. 


    What are the key ingredients of the serum?

    This serum consists of two key ingredients - Rose Mosqueta and Pomegranate - who work in synergy to alleviate blemishes, wrinkles and expression lines.

    O Rosqueta pink oil It is an oil obtained from the seeds of the pink holy plan - rich in fatty acids such as linoleic acid; In addition to vitamin A and C, which have a regenerating effect and help maintain skin integrity. In addition, Rose Moscket Oil is able to reinforce the production of collagen and elastin, which strengthens and gives firmness to the skin, and is also responsible for nourishing it deeply. It also has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

    A pomegranate Contains nutritious and moisturizing properties that help improve skin elasticity and softness. 

    This technique promises to be your next reason for pride and is very aligned with our love for ancestral beauty traditions. Ideal for those who want a more contoured, bright, firm and less wrinkle face. In other words, everyone! A few minutes of suction and it will seem like spent hours under the attentive look of a phacalist. (Our secret is.)