Do you know what day it is? Blue Monday, better known as“the saddest day of the year". But don't worry, I leave here infallible tips to improve your mood and brighten your day! 😍

The term, which first emerged in 2004, perfectly reflects the "down" mood many of us feel at this time of year — whether it's the end of the festive season and the Christmas holidays, the shorter, darker days of winter, or the pressure of missing the first resolutions of a new year.

But do not be discouraged, at least not yet: there are simple gestures that you can put into practice to enhance happiness, good mood and well-being this Monday!


Take care of yourself, from the inside out
Supplementation is an indispensable wellness gesture throughout the year. A bioavailable and bioactive Formula, our Super Woman Capsules contain plant extracts and adaptogens for support female hormonal and emotional balance. In addition to relieve the physical and mental effects of stress, they also help regulate cortisol levels and balance the hormonal system by stimulating energy, mood, well-being and focus.  


Clean the body
When done consciously, a detox can have numerous benefits for physical, mental and even emotional well-being.  O detox kit it contains everything you need to REFRESH your body, mind and spirit. I love this kit as it contains a lot of good stuff like a book with 35 unique recipes (all with photos). A Detox manual with 23 pages where you can feel more "support" to really change your life in 2023 and a selection of mplbeauty products specifically focused to detoxify the body naturally and feel even more beautiful.


Have a nutritious breakfast
The way we start a new day can influence (and a lot) our mood. An instant breakfast mix, which can be added to drinks, smoothies, porridge or pancakes, a Super Feminine it is ideal to start the morning with a good dose of energy. In addition to making any breakfast more nutritious, it helps detoxify and energize, reduce signs and effects of stress and improve mood.  


Try a new recipe
Who else feels reassured when they disconnect from the world, enter the kitchen and dedicate themselves to trying a new recipe? When we challenge ourselves to try something new, like cooking a recipe for the first time, something changes in us — our self-esteem rises, we are active and focused on our intentions, we feel more fulfilled and even creative. Here find several recipes that are not only delicious, but also perfect for enhance your beauty and well-being, from the inside out, using the products of our section Welfare and ours Mixture soluble.


Take good care of your skin
The moments we dedicate to taking care of our skin can make all the difference in the way we feel. For the saddest Monday of the year, nothing like doing a ritual of self-care with the new kit revitalizes body. A body self-massage that has draining, relaxing and nourishing effects.It releases negativity while relieving stress and anxiety.


Meditate and exercise
It's no secret that meditation and exercise can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. Before rolling out the carpet, try to burn a little White Sage. In addition to cleaning the spaces and energies, this plant improves the quality of mood and drives away everything negative - thus making room for a moodmore positive.