Zero Waste Workshop


A workshop that simplifies zero waste living. Everything you need to know to live functionally, with less waste and less impact on Nature. Learn how to cook, take care of your home and your kitchen in a more efficient, economical and totally natural way, with delicious and healthy recipes.


  • How to waste less ingredients in the kitchen

  • How to make all-natural cleaning and beauty products

  • How to have a more functional home and routines (kids included!)


  • 8 videos with all practical content and recipes for 100% natural meals, beauty and cleaning products

*All workshop sales are final. We do not do returns.

*Workshop in Portuguese.

*Access to the workshop via email.

Trabalhamos para criar produtos eficazes, totalmente livres de químicos e para isso a qualidade dos ingredientes é fundamental.

• Não testamos produtos em animais;
• Ingredientes de origem vegetal;
• Ingredientes 100% naturais;
• Sem parabenos;
• Sem petroquímicos;
• Sem silicones ou fragrâncias sintéticas;
• Todos os ingredientes são biológicos.

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