Creativity: Matcha's Adaptogenic Protein

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A fully vegetable protein mixture,for more energy and a sense of satiety. Specifically formulated to awaken the body's natural intelligence and stimulate communication between body and brain, thereby improving mental clarity, concentration and memory. For a positive mind and good humor.

Rich in bioavailable plant protein and essential amino acids, with bio-fermented brown rice protein, adaptogens and superfoods.



  • Matcha: A great source of antioxidants, it is known for raising energy levels and creativity.

  • Hericium: Mushroom known to protect the brain and neurological functions.

  • Eleuthr: Root that raises energy levels and reduces fatigue, while helping prevent and repair damage to the nervous system.

  • Spirulina: One of the richest nutrient foods on the planet, it is a rich source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It alkalizes the body while boosting the liver, an essential organ for the body's natural detoxification.


Mix 2 dessert spoons (30g) in 350 ml (12oz) of water, vegetable milk, coffee, tea or smoothie. Try mixing in porridge, chia pudding or incorporate into your favorite recipe for pancakes or cakes.



Bio-Fermented Brown Rice Protein*(Oryza sativa), Matcha* (Camellia Sinensis), Lions Mane* (Hericium Erinaceus), Eleuthro* (Senticosus eleutherococcus), Spirulina* (Arthrospira platensis), Chlorela* (Chlorella vulgaris), Stevia*, Ginger* (Zingiber officinale).



250 gr | 9oz


* Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Store in a dry and cool place, out of the reach of children. Once opened, it is valid for 1 year.

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The right ingredients

We work to create effective products, completely free of chemicals, and the quality of the ingredients is essential. We choose only highly nutritious plants and oils, cold pressed to preserve all the benefits that take care of your skin. 

At MPL’Beauty:

- We do not test products on animals;
- Most of the ingredients are of vegetable origin;
- We only use 100% natural ingredients;
- Without parabens, petrochemicals, silicones or synthetic fragrances;
- All ingredients are organic;


100% natural ingredients

At MPL’Beauty, we believe that we can only nourish our skin with 100% natural ingredients. Nature gives us everything we need - we just need to know how to use the right plants, vitamins and minerals to cleanse, hydrate and regenerate the skin. We defend a holistic beauty: from the inside out, from the outside in. Achieving the natural glow that you so desire is much simpler than it looks.

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ines s.
Portugal Portugal
adoro, com leite vegetal e nas papas

tenho sempre em casa

Teresa P.
Portugal Portugal

Para além do saber que é excelente, vejo resultados em termos de saciedade e energia. Adoro!

Patrícia R.
Portugal Portugal
Maravilhoso, funciona mesmo, e assim dispenso os químicos.

Maravilhoso, funciona mesmo, e assim dispenso os químicos.

MPL'Beauty Criatividade: Proteína Adaptogénica de Matcha Review
Raquel M.
Portugal Portugal
Sabor delicioso!

Para além do saber ser óptimo, dá-me uma energia extra e pensamentos mais leves

Patrícia R.
Portugal Portugal
Prático e saudável

Óptima proteína para complementar aos meus batidos e sumos matinais! Assim o mix torna-se mais rápido.

MPL'Beauty Criatividade: Proteína Adaptogénica de Matcha Review
Cristina T.
Portugal Portugal
Uso há pouco tempo para sentir os efeitos.

Gosto de colocar nos batidos ao pequeno almoço.

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