Four magic ingredients to combat premature aging

We already talked on here In the blog about the natural process of aging, and as this is (even though none of us want to admit) inevitable. Despite this, it is always possible to grow old "better" - with healthy habits, good face care and the right ingredients!

In Mpl'Beauty we work with natural and biological ingredients, all of them chosen finger by their unparalleled benefits. And when the theme is to combat early aging, there are several ingredients (truly powerful) that we love to use.

In this article we highlight four of these ingredients, and Mpl'Beauty products where you can find them.

Papaya seed oil
Sérum Lifting refirming revitalizes

An ingredient rich in vitamin C, to prevent early aging, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and reduce pores. It helps to slain stains on the skin and prevent the appearance of future pigmentations.

Where to find this ingredient? In our Sérum revitalizes and Cream revitalizes. These recent news from our online store have become quickly in a favorite Mpl'Beauty. These super products help fight the early aging of the skin by offering you greater elasticity and firmness, and returning you a healthy and young gleam.

Pink damascena

Essence of biological roses

A flower associated with femininity and purity, the rose has numerous benefits to our skin, among them reduce inflammation, soften irritation and redness, and combat premature aging. This is because, when applied topically, the famous roses water eliminates the stroke appearance of the skin, leaving it instantly refreshing.

Where to find this ingredient? In our Attar of roses, formulated solely with Pink Damascena water. A powerful pro-aging tonic helps prevent early aging, deeply nourishes skin and helps in cellular regeneration. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, this essence Lets the skin luminous, fresh and firm.


Luminous facial mask of honey and acai

The açaí is not only delicious - it is also highly beneficial to our skin! A super berry rich in antioxidants that combat the effects of free radicals, thus preventing early aging.

Where to find this ingredient? In our Luminous mask, a classic Mpl'Beauty that moisturizes and revitalizes the skin, attenuating signs of aging and boosting texture, elasticity and brightness. In addition to Açaí, this anti-aging mask It is also formulated with sodium hyaluronate, to stimulate the production of collagen and preserve the moisture content of the skin, which are decreasing with age, and honey, which helps to make skin more elastic and silky.


Super skin capsules

One of the largest sources of vitamin C on the planet, Amla helps protect the skin from oxidative stress, while reducing inflammation and damage caused to cells, thus slow the aging process.

Where to find this ingredient? In our Super skin capsules. A powerful antioxidant formula based on medicinal plants that act together to slow the aging of the skin, stimulate the production of collagen and combat acne, rosacea and redness. For more elastic, luminous and uniform skin from the inside out.

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