Looking for your first skincare routine?

Skin is our largest organ - and that's more than enough reason to take care of it the best way we can! Even so, there are many others that should inspire us to invest in a skincare routine, including keeping skin well cleansed, hydrated and comfortable, protecting it not only from the most diverse external aggressors, but also from the appearance of several conditions that can occur when we don't look after its health and balance - we talk, for example, about lack of luminosity, congested pores and excess oiliness.

In this article we show you the MPL'Beauty essentials to create your first skincare routine, with 100% natural and effective products!

Facial Towel 100% Organic Cotton

Toalha Facial 100% Algodão Biológico

Cleansing is the first and one of the most important steps in any routine - just think about what our skin is exposed to, from makeup to sweat and sebum, to all the pollution, toxins and impurities that build up on the surface throughout the day. A good cleansing routine will then ensure skin is in full balance, while helping to maintain moisture levels and a youthful complexion, and boost the effectiveness of beauty products.

In the morning and evening, cleanse your skin with the 100% Organic Cotton Face Towel, a natural and organic "tool" to cleanse your face, remove makeup and deeply moisturize. You can (and should) add a few drops of your favourite serum to the pre-moistened towel to boost its many benefits - removing dirt from pores, reducing the concentration of blackheads and maintaining the skin's microbiome, leaving it perfectly clean, soft and healthy.

Detox Serum

Sérum Detox

Imagine a serum perfect for cleansing and moisturizing any skin type, a serum that protects collagen from exposure to daily pollutants and keeps skin firm and glowing - mentally, you're probably already adding to cart, right? Now, imagine no more. This serum exists, and it goes by the name Detox Serum.

With luxurious Camellia Japonica Oil and deeply hydrating Moringa Oil, this care is love at first application: in addition to keeping skin perfectly cleansed and hydrated, it balances oiliness, eliminates toxins and impurities, and prevents irritation and redness.

MPL super tip: Use your Detox Serum in conjunction with the Facial Towel. We promise it will be a life-changing experience!

Rose Essence

Essência de Rosas

While it may be seen as an extra step in your skincare routine, the truth is that toning is just as important as cleansing and moisturizing your skin. In addition to toning and refreshing, using a toner helps purify and rebalance the skin's pH, while also regenerating, protecting and soothing.

This is the case with Rose Essence, a powerful pro-aging tonic spray created to prevent ageing, deeply nourish the skin and aid cell regeneration. With an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, its formula diminishes blemishes, accelerates healing and restores luminosity, for fresher, firmer and more radiant skin.

Super tip MPL: Because it is a product designed to balance the pH of the skin and maintain hydration, the best time to apply the essence is after cleansing with the Facial Towel, and before moisturizing. Simply direct the weak to the face and spray 3 to 4 times.

Regenerates Balm

Bálsamo Regenera

Time for hydration! With our Regenera repair balm, the expression "feeling bule" takes on a much happier and more positive contour! Inheriting its distinctive colour and soothing benefits from Blue Tansy Essential Oil, this balm is designed to deeply nourish all skin types, especially dry, sensitive and irritated skin, making it a must-have for face care.

When used as a daily moisturiser - applied to clean skin in the morning and evening, or after the Detox Serum - the Regenera balm tones and rejuvenates the skin, while reducing redness and regulating oiliness, leaving skin much more balanced.

Pink Deodorant

Desodorizante Rosa

When you choose a daily MPL'Beauty routine, you are choosing Nature's best to care for your skin and your well-being. Case in point? Our Rose cream deodorant, made from coconut oil, cocoa butter and aluminium-free baking soda.

This combination of 100% natural and organic ingredients results in an irresistible care to neutralize bad odors, without blocking perspiration. In addition, our Rose leaves armpits very dry, moisturized and fragrant throughout the day, and even allows a light exfoliation of the skin - all thanks to its slightly granular texture. Impossible to resist!

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