How to promote collagen naturally

The truth is that we have all heard about the benefits of collagen: rejuvenation, firmness, radiance, renewal... It is not by chance that, when we talk about the world of beauty, this is one of the most used words. O collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, representing a total of 20% to 30% of our body's proteins. A protein that produces strength and structure found not only in the skin but also in all our bones, fibrous tissues, tendons, liver, muscles... And therefore it is essential to the proper functioning of all these organs. Basically, it is the element that "puts all the pieces" of our body together!

However, as we age, collagen production slows down, often as a result of genetics, but also as a result of the lifestyle we lead: habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, high sun exposure and pollution or a high intake of sugars contribute to a decrease in the production of this protein and, in this way, our skin becomes much more fragile and prone to gaining that "plump" look we all dread.

Naturally, one of the most frequently asked questions is precisely how can we, through small gestures in our daily lives, stimulate the production and regeneration of collagen? There is no universal formula, it's true, but our choices can very well boost its production and regeneration in the body, and these are the tips I wanted to share.

Again, I will start by reinforcing the idea that it is possible to "heal" from the inside out, but I will also tell you about small external stimuli that can benefit collagen production. Let's get to it?



It all starts "inside". For firm, elastic skin, we have to stimulate the growth and regeneration of collagen from the inside out first.

  • What I recommend is to take 1 teaspoon of Pure Beauty every day. It can be in hot water (tastes like red fruits, as it contains Acai, Maqui, Schisandra and Amla ) or in a smoothie, yogurt, vegetable milk, etc. This blend, composed of superfoods, medicinal plants and adaptogens, has been specially formulated to nourish and soothe the skin from the inside out. Super rich in antioxidants (they are the ones that neutralize free radicals) and active ingredients that boost skin elasticity, health and luminosity.

  • Collagen is connective tissue. It is very important to take sufficient and optimal protein to keep everything "in place". You have two options. Take the Superfemininewhich contains vegetable collagen, protein, and medicinal plants (plus many other good things that help to deflate and balance the hormonal system), which will work specifically on the skin. You can also opt for Pure Beauty Proteinwhich will give an extra boost to the skin and its entire foundation. Any of these proteins should be consumed daily, preferably in the morning - 2 shallow dessert spoons, you can add to water, smoothies, vegetable milk, yogurt... whatever you like best and is easy to consume daily.

  • Drops, several times a day. Opt for Beauty Drops drops, developed to regenerate and strengthen the skin. They stimulate hydration at the cellular level, making your skin look fuller. They help remove toxins and puffiness, while promoting a super radiant complexion. They support collagen, restoring minerals that naturally erode with age, thus bringing a youthful, firm and resilient skin. Here the idea is to take 4 full pipettes diluted in a glass of water. You can take it at any time of the day. Try to be strict and take it daily to feel the results faster.

*I like to tell this (true) story. I have all these products at home, but I can't take them all at once (so many options!). I haven't taken Beleza Pura in a while. My 20 year old daughter can't live without it - she had a case of acne and started taking BP + Puro Sol + Facial Towel. After a short time, she "cleaned up" everything, and since then she doesn't even risk stopping taking it! Since she was busy with her studies, I started making her smoothies in the morning so she wouldn't waste so much time. And of course, I always added 1 teaspoon (or more) of Pure Beauty. I ended up drinking a glass of the shake as well. And I can say that after a few days, I woke up feeling my skin "tightened", tighter and firmer. And it was a physical feeling!!!



Of course it is!!!

First, I'd like you to imagine your abs. If you exercise focused on them every day, what happens? You get stronger, right? You get them stronger and in place, as opposed to flabby and soft. The skin on your face and your muscles are the same thing. So I believe that massaging the skin, especially with the help of the Super Lifting Kit or Cupping Kit is essential for those who want a firmer and more elastic skin. If you want to know more about our Natural Lifting tools see theMASTERCLASS that we are dedicated to explaining and removing all your doubts!

    There is a basic gesture that you should always keep in mind in your beauty routine: exfoliation. A LUMINOSA facial mask facial mask gently exfoliates, while moisturizing and nourishing the skin deeply, alleviating signs of aging.

      Moisturize deeply. If you have never tried cleansing your face with facial towel and your serumyou don't know what you are missing! This ritual really changes everything! It not only cleanses and removes impurities, but also deeply hydrates! I prefer to do this ritual before going to bed. It helps cleanse the toxins and dirt of the day and the skin is super hydrated. I ALWAYS apply a few drops of Effective on the eye contour, forehead and lips. Prevention is never too much ;)

          I hope that in some way these tips help you to have a less complex skin care, but one that is really functional and effective ♡