Are you needing to feel better willing? To strengthen your immunity? This cold weather combined with all the festivities makes us need that "extra thing" ... and you can find a good Pick-me-up In this delicious drink.

But first we liked to explain more why this mixture soluble immunity, which mimic a Golden Latte, is so effective in improving our mood and bringing more health to our daily lives.

A Mix immunity It is a delicious way to obtain the anti-inflammatory benefits of Curcuma and still join the properties of two incredible adaptogens: Mucun and the Ashwagandha.

A Mucun It is known as "the dopamine beans". Its main active is an amino acid called levodopa (L-Dopa), which the brain needs to produce dopamine.

A Ashwagandha It has the ability to regulate nervous and immune systems, improving mood and reinforcing the body's defenses.

You can join 1 teaspoon Mix immunity to a cup with your very hot favorite milk. It has a comforting flavor, the curcuma, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom, with the bonus to protect and strengthen the immune system, calm the nervous system and stabilize mood.


Golden Milk Revenue

Serves 1

1 cup of milk 

2 teaspoons immunity 


Heat the milk in a boiling. When it is hot, pour to a cup and add the mixture immunity. Mix well.

We here at MPL like to use a beating machine and foam. So it seems that we are drinking a true latte.


*More about Curcuma 

There should be no one who has not heard of Curcuma's anti-inflammatory action. And it is those trends for just cause, since the benefits of this root are numerous and its use is millennial in traditional medicines. In Ayurvedic medicine, it has been used for centuries to improve the digestive system, relieve joint pain, reduce fatigue and apathy and even to take care of skin problems such as inflammation or acne.

For its ability to protect the immune system, the Turmeric It is the main ingredient of the mixture immunity, alongside other adaptogenic plants, such as mucuna and Ashwagadha.

Benefits of Turmeric:

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action:
Curcuma's active principle is curcumin, an anti-inflammatory that reduces the action caused by free radicals and prevents oxidative stress. This oxidative stress is nothing more than the body's premature aging, something that is very first notorious on our skin, due to the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes or irregular texture.

Anti-microbial action: It inhibits the growth of aggressors such as bacteria, viruses and fungi and is therefore an ally in reinforcing our immune system.

Supports the digestive system: Due to its anti-inflammatory action, Curcuma helps calm the digestive system and can help alleviate symptoms such as swelling, stomach pain, diarrhea or gases. By strengthening the digestive microbiome, it also supports the immune system, as our microbiome is a mirror of our defenses.

Collectoric: It supports liver function and increases biliary secretion, assisting the body to metabolize fats. It can help in cases of high cholesterol or triglycerides, when there is an excessive concentration of lipids in the blood.

Studies suggest the anti-depressive action of curcumin, as the plant increases the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to the sense of pleasure and motivation.