Summer Nights: The perfect natural repellent + moisturizer

If you've been having trouble sleeping now that the temperatures have risen because you feel like all the mosquitoes in the world are inside your bedroom, then this post is for you - and the solid moisturizer Summer Nights too! This two-in-one - moisturizer and natural repellent - is perfect for the summer months, to apply before bed or before outdoor activities.

Why do we attract mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are attracted by our body temperature and by the specific odor of each person, which depends on the production of natural fat and how this interacts with the microbiome present in the skin. Our release of carbon dioxide, when we breathe can also attract mosquitoes.


Why is Summer Nights an effective repellent?

Being that we cannot avoid or control any of the above, we can protect ourselves in a 100% natural way. Here is why we like this solid moisturizer so much.



The main active ingredient is citronella oila natural repellent, capable of keeping mosquitoes away, masking odors that are attractive to them. At the same time, it also refreshes the skin, relieving irritation and inflammation.

The oil of rosemary oil is another natural repellent that also acts as healing agent. Stimulates cell regenerationIt is perfect for helping the skin look more even when you have had a few too many bites.


A highly antioxidant, fatty acid-rich formula with cocoa butter and almond, coconut and apricot oils as a base. Melts on contact with the skinskin, automatically leaving the skin luminous and plumpedvisibly improving visibly improving dry or dehydrated skin.


Citrus, herbal and woody, leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin, perfect for alleviating the feeling of heat in the warmer months.


The solid format makes the Summer Nights perfect for carrying in your purse, ready to apply at any time you feel the threat of a bite. Just touch your skin and watch it melt immediatelyno need to spread it with the hands and without leaving the skin sticky and too greasy.