More energy: 5 steps to swap coffee for MATCHA

Even if you experience less positive effects from coffee - anxiety, sleepless nights or digestive problems - it is not easy to lose the habit of drinking it daily. Whether for the taste or the social ritual, and above all for the energy it gives us and the dependence it creates, giving up coffee is not easy and may even be accompanied by headaches and bad moods (it is always advisable to warn those close to us when we wean ourselves off coffee...).

Around here, we are more adept at matcha, a delicate green tea and super rich in antioxidants, it awakens the mind without making you nervous, and has many other benefits. It can and should be part of your routine, either to replace or reduce the coffees you drink, or to bring other benefits to your body.

Main differences between matcha and coffee

  • Goodbye, anxiety! Everyone will have experienced a feeling of agitation and anxiety after too much caffeine (too much varies from person to person). O matcha, although it also has caffeineit also contains an amino acid called L-theaninewhich makes caffeine to be metabolized more slowly, with less impact on the central nervous system. The alertness and energy we feel with coffee is in the matcha, but without the bad part - no cortisol spikes, no increased anxiety and no energy crash that coffee causes after a few hours.
  • More antioxidants. Matcha contains 10 times more antioxidants than green teasince it is made from the whole plant. It is especially rich in EGC, a catechin common in green tea, with action antioxidant e anti-inflammatory, protecting the body from free radical damage and premature aging. It is also known for strengthening joints. EGC also has a thermogenic effecttherefore boosts metabolism and is good for those who need to control weight gain.
  • Better protected teeth. Unlike coffee, matcha does not harm our teeth, as it is not so acidic, nor does it make them yellow.

What matcha to drink?

Find one matcha with a bright green color and organically grown. If a matcha has a more faded color, it's a sign that it's old, was harvested a long time ago or has been adulterated - and therefore will no longer give your body the same benefits.

If the taste of matcha is a problem for you (it may be too strange at first), in addition to mixing it with milk and making a matcha latteyou can opt for Protein Creativity or Focus Mix. Protein is ideal for a super complete breakfast shake, with bioavailable plant protein, matcha and stimulating plants like Hericium and Eleuthro, which stimulate energy and mental clarity. É rich in antioxidantsnot only because of the matcha, but also because it contains seaweed powder - chlorella and spirulina -which are rich in minerals and vitamins and have the ability to stimulate detoxification in the body. A Focus Blend is great for a matcha latte, also enriched with adaptogens such as Hericium mushroom, Rehmania or Ashwagandha, for improve brain function, boost energy and protect stressed adrenal glands. It also has a touch of cinnamon and ginger that gives it a delicious taste.

Here are the recipes for a matcha latte and a smoothie to feel energized and creative first thing in the morning.

5 tips to reduce or eliminate coffee consumption

  1. Reduce your daily amount of coffee. Choose one of the coffees you drink every day as the must-have and, when you feel like a second dose, make a cup of coffee. matcha latte.
  2. Don't drink coffee as soon as you wake up. In the morning, our cortisol levels are higher, and by drinking coffee we are creating an even bigger spike. Wait a few hours after waking up and, if possible, drink your coffee with food or afterwards on a full stomach. You should drink water when you wake up - and even better if you add Detox drops. The mint flavor may even help you enjoy keeping this habit more.
  3. Every other day. Try drinking coffee and matcha alternately, so it's easier to give up coffee altogether if that's the goal, or simply reduce your daily coffee intake.
  4. Don't drink coffee in the afternoon. If you really need a pick-me-up, opt for matcha, especially at Focus Blendwhich is enriched with other stimulant plants that don't interfere with cortisol production.
  5. Save the coffee for special and social moments. For weekends, vacations or even on trips when you have new coffees to try. Just as you save sugar for special occasions, you can do the same with coffee. And opt for quality, fair-trade beans, since coffee marketing does not always respect workers' rights and sustainable production methods.