If you found last year intense, brace yourself, because 2023 is not going to be a smooth ride. The astrological predictions are for cataclysmic changes, with revolutions and the realization that we face points of no return - as a community and as individuals. Don't forget that early 2023 is still marked by Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, increasing the chances of misunderstandings. Starting January 18, things will become clearer and smiling - time to give it all in your New Year's resolutions!


Mars, your planet, has been in retrograde motion in Gemini since October 2022, and will finally move on January 12. If you are an Aries (or have ascendant in), expect a year of great change. If the first month of 2023 brings you an urgency to draw up plans, meet people, and expand horizons, grab it all!

Your mpl'beauty product for this month is...Serum Puro Sol. There are many things that change, but there are essentials that we don't leave out for anything.


Luck and abundance is what 2023 promises, if you know how to nurture your true needs - what and who is good for you and what you should let go of or hold on to tightly. The challenge will be to find the balance that is good for you between social life and your space.

Your mpl'beauty product this month is... Aura Kit. It is not always easy to say no to define our limits. This kit is a good ally to feel lighter and at peace.


If you felt that the last year was one of more introspection and even some frustration, this year is the time to shine and show yourself. In January, you can believe that worries will be far away, because the future looks promising and your relationships and professional life are in good health. Enjoy!

Your mpl'beauty product this month is... o the Exfoliating Shine. It kind of suits the mood, doesn't it?


2023 brings the beginning of a prosperous phase in which you show what you do, reveal yourself as a leader, and gallop toward your dreams! Not that you won't have your challenges, but enjoy the positive energy of fresh starts in this first month.

Your mpl'beauty product this month is... o Awakening Scrubto leave your skin matching this renewed energy that the stars bring you!


Your adventurous spirit will want to run wild. Travel, new projects and ideas, new job opportunities... None of this is done alone and it's important that you do your job of deciding who you really want around you in all the new things you want to create.

Your mpl'beauty product this month is... Sun Kitwith energizing scents that awaken your most active and creative side.


Virgo is the sign of health, and if you pay attention to the body-mind-spirit axis this year, you will be well rewarded with well-being. The day only has 24 hours. Invest your energy in what makes you happiest. Make time for yourself and your intimacy, no matter how unnecessary it may seem.

Your mpl'beauty product this month is... Firm KitTo dedicate more time to yourself, in a toning and highly moisturizing massage.


Luck is on the side of the Scales, in relationships and finances, but the challenges are also there, in knowing how to set boundaries and stay organized. It is a year to strive for balance between what others need and what you need. Stay true to who you really are. There is something very powerful about a woman who knows what she wants!

Your mpl'beauty product this month is... o Cleansing Kit, that basic ritual that keeps your skin cared for and brings out your natural beauty, your true self.


If the last year felt like hibernation in a cocoon, 2023 is asking you to come back, with more health, energy, and the will to create, live, and know. Clear that cocoon you've been dormant in and keep your space clean and organized, prepare for a period of expansion.

Your mpl'beauty product this month is...Detox Dropsto start a new chapter from within as well.


This new year predicts a period of much excitement about life! Not that Sagittarians usually go unnoticed, but it seems that visibility is a theme for you in 2023. Taking care of yourself and your body, with good nutrition and exercise, seem to be a good bet.

Your mpl'beauty product this month is...Beauty Dropsa subtle care that makes you feel better, from the inside out.


A period of transformation has marked Capricorns in recent years and it seems that this year is the time to feel empowered and influential. Your work is important and your network even more so. Get ready to be noticed!

Your mpl'beauty product this month is... the Blend Focus. Your energy, focus, and clarity will thank you for the extra help to handle all that 2023 promises.


You'll start the year feeling more inspired, creative, and fun. New opportunities may come your way, and you should be proud of what you've done so that it's happening for you. Let your most unique characteristics shine through and take advantage of the fruits they can bring!

Your mpl'beauty product this month is.... Protein Creativityfor awakening the body's natural intelligence and improving mental clarity, concentration and memory.


This year is the right time to put into practice the discoveries you have made in the last two years. After a possibly chaotic holiday season, you should now arm yourself with your best weapons to create change and evolution. Self-confidence, home, and career: everything is in focus.

Your mpl'beauty product this month is... Super Woman CapsulesFor post-party balance and a boost for the busy (rewarding) times ahead.