Can good skin be created?

An infallible skincare routine to create the skin with which it has always dreamed

As well as genetics, it is not enough to be born with fantastic skin to always be radiant. You have to take care of it. Nourish it and protect it. And realizing that more than one data acquired, beautiful and healthy skin is something that depends on us. Yes, on the edge it is possible to “create” the skin we have always dreamed of, if we adopt healthy habits and follow our skincare routine consistently with the right products.

Where beautiful skin begins

As with everything, on the basis of the health and beauty of the skin are factors linked to our lifestyle: the hours we sleep, the amount of water we drink, the stress we live in, the way we eat, the levels of pollution to that we expose ourselves. In addition to all this, and regardless of the skin type we have, it is essential to follow a routine of daily care, simple and easy to apply, to keep the skin always in shape and radiant.

But how do you have this routine in action? Nothing is worth having an arsenal of beauty products, including masks, exfoliators and miraculous peels, if we do not follow these three magical steps: clean, toning and moisturizing. They are a kind of "Brainer" of the simple, fast and super effective Skincare routine, especially if we keep consistency (this is what routines are for: they create good habits).

Get to know your skin type

But first, the basics. It all starts by knowing your skin type. Essentially there are 4 skin types: Very dry to dry (skin type 1), mixed the drought (skin type 2), mixed to oily (skin type 3) and oily (skin type 4). Realize the characteristics of your skin, your behavior (for example, how do you feel your skin in the morning? And in the middle of the day?), In the background, listening to your skin, and respecting it is the first step to getting the skin With which he always dreamed. So you can find the products more adapted to your skin, which is unique and unrepeatable, we already know, and use them in your daily routine.

Can good skin be created?

1. Clean skin, beautiful skin

And that. Amazing skin begins with clean skin. This is the first step in a foolproof skincare routine, and our recommendation is to use a cleaning oil, which cleans in depth, removing make -up, pollution and impurities without harming the skin. Clean the skin in the morning and evening, with the 100% biological cotton facial towel, not theme, even the most oily skin thank this deep and smooth cleaning. A cotton towel It will make a slight exfoliation on the skin, which will leave the skin prepared for the next step.

Type 1: Jasmine Cleaning Oil

Type 2: Jasmine Cleaning Oil



Experience our clearing oil weakening Jasmine, and if you have the most sensitive and reactive skin, find out ours, Camellia, with Japanese Camellia, which cleans the skin without assaulting it, also helping to balance the pH. Clean the skin in the morning and evening, with the 100% biological cotton facial towel, not theme, even the most oily skin thank this deep and smooth cleaning.

2. Essence

The next step is the essence, the one, which serves to calm and refresh the skin, while preparing it for the next step, helping the serum, with its botanical assets, penetrates well the skin. Each essence has a specific role (for example, to calm and control greasiness, or make the skin super fresh and luminous), so you should choose the one that best fits your skin type.

Type 1: Attar of roses It is Revitalize Essence

Type 2: Watermelon essence, Revitalize Essence It is Radiant essence

Type 3: Orange Flower Essence It is Radiant essence

Type 4: Cucumber essence, ESSENCE OF HAMAMELIA It is Radiant essence

Can good skin be created?

3. Pamper your eyes

The eyes are a super sensitive area that requires special care, and we often forget how important they are. To give your eyes the attention they deserve, and regardless of your skin type, you will want to experience the Effective: Concentrated Serum Lifting Effect, for eye contour (and other delicate areas, such as the skin around the mouth).

4. Nourish the skin

The high time comes: the facial serum, which is an authentic vitamin to the skin, and can be applied in the morning and at night, always on clean skin. It is in this beauty concentrate that all botanical actives we use manifest themselves throughout their splendor. When penetrating our skin, the skin absorbs each of the ingredients, enjoying the best of all botanical actives present in the formula, and so it is so important to prepare well the skin before (cleaning and essence) so that it is receptive to all these wonders . Once again, choosing the right serum depends on your skin type, as each formula will respond to different needs. Here are our suggestions:

Type 1: DETOX SERUM It is Serum Revitaliza

Type 2: Be a Puro Sol, Serum Revitaliza, Radiant Serum It is SERUM SCULPT

Type 3: Serum illuminates, Radiant Serum It is SERUM SCULPT

Type 4: Serum Repairs, Cosmic Night Serum It is Radiant Serum

Can good skin be created?

5. Moisturize and care

And finally, the cream. That delicious skin, in the right dose, and adapted to the specific needs of each skin type and even specific zones. Even those who have mixed or oily skin should not jump this step. This is because when dehydrated, oily skin tends to produce more sebo to become more humidified, and this creates the opposite effect!

Unlike the serum, which penetrates the skin, the moisturizing cream is more on the surface. In addition to hydration and nutrition functions, the cream will act on very specific issues, such as spots or aging of the skin. Finding the right moisturizer that responds to the needs of your skin making it happy, without exaggerated reactions, is the secret.

Type 1: Regenerate cream It is Revitalize Cream 

Type 2: Regenerate cream, Revitalize Cream It is Radiant cream

Type 3: Regenerate cream It is Radiant cream

Type 4: Regenerate cream It is Radiant cream

Find it Cream your skin asks for: The radiant, a fabulous Bakuchiol anti-nodes, the natural alternative to retinol, is excellent for improving skin texture and promoting regeneration, stimulating collagen production. If you are looking for a delicious anti-aging, try the Revitalizes Anti-Aging Cream, with vitamin C, A and Enzymes, to reaffirm and redensify the skin, with an incredible texture.

6. Protect

One last tip, very important, and to do it every morning: protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays. Photoe ages is the main cause of wrinkles and spots on the skin, so all the care is little. To enjoy all the light and heat of the sun (and other sources of unwanted light, such as the computer screen) and yet always be protected and radiant, we recommend our Puro Sol Zinc, a solar milk with SPF 30+ protection, with anti-aging action that favors a luminous tan. Formulated with botanical actives and nonnano zinc adds the best of two worlds: intensive repair and sunscreen.