From the Inside Out with Rita Sambado

I'm Rita Sambado, I'm passionate about human potential and the capacity we have to create extraordinary lives. I mentor leaders and entrepreneurs in embodying their natural strength and authority.

Rita SambadoSER

Sign: Libra

Season: Autumn

A color: Vemerald green

A book: Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

A movie: Life is beautiful

A song: Your SongElton John; Another Love, Tom Odell; and many more ...

A podcast: Messages from the Universe, Guru Singh

An object: Notebook with plain pages

Favorite place in the world: Portugal


Rita SambadoCREATE

Who and what inspires you? Love, beautiful places, elevated gastronomic experiences, a non-rational understanding of life, the expansion of each one of us.

What have you yet to create? A few more books, and a roadmap for a life well honored and lived.

How to maintain creativity? By having an agenda for inspiration and creation. It was exactly for this purpose that I created the Joy Planner, I feel that this is a part that really can't be missing from our daily lives.

 Rita SambadoLIVING

First thing to do when you wake up: connect with my breath and my desire to experience the day.

How to relax at the end of the day: Read a book, or meditate

A place to switch off: the sea

Favorite physical exercise: yoga

How you release stress: diving in the sea

A woman who inspires you: Gurujagat

Rita SambadoNUTRIR

What you always have in the fridge: raspberries

Dinner-saver recipe: asian rice

Favorite drink: Kombucha, a good wine

Favorite snack: nuts

Favorite restaurant: Go Juu, Arkhe

Favorite cookbooks: All of Sarah Britton

Rita SambadoCARE

Beauty icon: lipstick

An essential piece of clothingblack top

What's not missing from your beauty routine: cold water

Favorite MPL'beauty product: any of serums are wonderful.

How do you feel prettier? After a swim or a cold shower.


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