Five tips to prolong the tan

Who doesn't love the feeling of coming back on vacation and listening to the compliment of “you are with an enviable bronze”? In addition to the good time, the sun and the beach, one of the things we love most in summer is to see tanned and golden skin, with that glow Kissed by the sun we love so much. 

But how can we keep our skin tanned longer? In this article we give you five unfailing tips to extend your bronze-even after the holidays and the sunbathing is over! 


1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 


Hydration is one of the best ways to keep your tan after vacation-and it is important to apply moisturizing care before, during and after tanning, as the sun has a drying effect on the skin. 


After sun exposure, nothing like pampering the skin with our After Sun, a super practical stick with soothing and moisturizing ingredients that help recover the skin from the face and body of sun damage, relieve burns and decrease redness and inflammation. 


Another essential caution for deep hydration from head to toe is our Balm Puro Sol, A true must-have that restores the luminosity of the skin, stimulating its elasticity, shine and firmness! 


2. Support the cellular renewal of the skin   


Did you know that exfoliation is an essential step in maintaining tanned skin? Contrary to what you may think, exfoliar and skin once a week will help remove dead cells and maintain  A healthy, luminous and uniform aspect. At this time of year, we love to use our Shines To exfoliate, moisturize and illuminate the skin of the body-your botanical actives are especially suitable for caring for sensitive, dehydrated and marks, making it in the perfect summer scrub! 


And for the face? The answer is in our Cleaning kit, Of course! The combination of jasmine oil and 100% biological cotton facial towel will help remove dead cells and stimulate cell renewal, making your skin much more hydrated, luminous and uniform, and prolonged the look "Kissed by the sun" for much longer. 


3. Choose extra nutritious care 


To maintain the appearance Sun-Kissed that so well defines the skin of the face during the summer months (and that we so often try to recreate when the holidays end), nothing like applying our Be a Puro Sol. 


With anti-aging action and sunscreens, this nutritious and repairing facial oil is perfect for all skin types. In addition to moisturizing in depth, it helps to soothe inflammation and tone the skin, recovering its elasticity and natural shine. 


4. When in doubt, illuminator! 


We never say that not to an extra glow, and that's why we created two body illuminators that will make your skin even more bright, while enhancing your tan. We speak, of course, in our wonderful Sun It is Sea - Both enriched with mica, a natural mineral that gives a silky and sunny shine to the skin. 


O Sun It works as a natural tanner as it gives slight color to the skin and is therefore best suited for those looking for a more intense gold and tan effect. Already the Sea It is ideal for those who want to give a Boost From brightness to the skin, as it gives it only a truly enviable glow (without the color of the sun). 


Whatever the choice, get ready for a luminous and silky skin! 


5. Water, water and more water - inside and out 


In addition to all beauty care, there are two "tricks" we don't dispense with to keep our tan longer. The first is to lower the temperature of the shower water, as hot water can dehydrate your skin, making it start to skin faster. And if you can bathe cold water, even better! 


The second also involves water, but now from the inside out. We all know that drinking water makes wonders for our skin, nails and hair - and our summer tan could not escape this rule! So always have with you our Thermos, and add our Beauty drops for even more intense nutrition.