All about solid moisturizers

Often time is not on our side and moisturizing the body may not be practical. There are still those who do not like to apply oils and remove "thick cream" for the greatest sensation that can be on the skin ... 

But what if we promise something that is soft, practical and solid ... a moisturizer What melts when you get in touch with your skin and slide your body easily? Moisturized qb, without leaving a trace of greasiness to be able to dress quickly without fear of staining the clothes?

One alternative to body lotion and oils (you can know more about our oils here) that makes us "pause" in time and, even for a few seconds, the worldly act of moisturizing the body becomes a true self-care ritual.

This is the purpose of our solid moisturizers And you can know them better here:


A sustainable alternative to a body lotion/oil, with the ideal shape to hydrate deeply without the feeling of oiliness. They can be used from head to toe by any type of skin!

  • Deep and intensive moisturizers
  • With vegan formulas 
  • Packaging Eco-friendly, without product waste
  • Non -greasy texture
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Easy to transport (even we have two sizes one perfect to walk in the wallet that You can see here.) 


moisturizer Melt when in contact with the skin, leaving it soft and luminous. The size and shape are designed to hold with their hand and slide by the body. You can also use Mini version to moisturize the lips or drier zones of the face.


The base of moisturizers It is cocoa butter, a super softening and moisturizing ingredient (and a natural preservative). They also contain repairing and anti-aging oils such as sweet almond, alperce and avocado. 

Some ingredients common to all solid moisturizers:

  • Cupuaçu: Super elasticity. Cupuaçu butter helps to nourish, reaffirm and soften. 
  • Karité: Super moisturizer. Shea butter moisturizes, antioxidant properties, soothes irritation. 


Get to know our 3 solid moisturizers:



  • Jasmine wax: 

Traditionally used to restore skin brightness and balance its natural hydration levels, it helps reduce dryness without obstructing pores. This is why it is also a star ingredient in our facial cleaning oil

  • Kakadu oil:

One of the richest vitamin C sources on the planet, this antioxidant oil helps reduce the effect of free radicals and promote healthier, hydrated and smooth skin while reducing signs of aging.



  • Tonka:

With antioxidant properties, known for its ability to absorb UV radiation, leaving the skin with a healthier and more radiant appearance. It also helps also to illuminate and standardize the skin and reduce signs of aging.

  • Cocoa extract:
An ingredient rich in antioxidants that protect cells against oxidation and aging. It is also a potent anti-inflammatory, known for softening redness and imperfections, keeping the skin super hydrated, healthy and radiant.



  • Citronella:
One natural repellent that drives the mosquitoes away, protecting the skin from their bites. Calms and refreshes the skin, reducing inflammation and irritation.
  • Rosemary:
Rosemary acts as a healing, stimulating cellular regeneration and standardize the skin. It also has antioxidant properties, preventing premature aging and contributing to a healthy and luminous look.

    You will not find any fragrance, parabens or synthetic ingredients, so use and abuse without preocuing yourself with strange ingredients!



    We guarantee that it will love the feeling of applying a solid moisturizer In the skin and the speed with which it gets a bright and nourished skin! In addition the passage of this moisturizer looks like a self-massage and is therefore a super relaxing experience. 

    You can use after the bath while the skin is still moist, but also before bedtime as a relaxation ritual.