Elimination Diet Workshop


Do you have recurring symptoms, such as bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea or even inflammation of the skin, and you don't know why? The elimination diet helps you to understand which groups of foods or ingredients may be creating this imbalance. A 30-day experience to listen to your body and find digestive balance, for more health, well-being and beauty.



  • All principles of elimination diet

  • Allowed and to be eliminated ingredients

  • Recipes and tips to follow the diet for 30 days



  • 16 videos

  • Illustrated book with all theoretical content and recipes


* All sales of the workshops are final. We do not make returns.

* Workshop in Portuguese.

* Access to the workshop and book via email.

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The right ingredients

We work to create effective products, completely free of chemicals, and the quality of the ingredients is essential. We choose only highly nutritious plants and oils, cold pressed to preserve all the benefits that take care of your skin. 

At MPL’Beauty:

- We do not test products on animals;
- Most of the ingredients are of vegetable origin;
- We only use 100% natural ingredients;
- Without parabens, petrochemicals, silicones or synthetic fragrances;
- All ingredients are organic;


100% natural ingredients

At MPL’Beauty, we believe that we can only nourish our skin with 100% natural ingredients. Nature gives us everything we need - we just need to know how to use the right plants, vitamins and minerals to cleanse, hydrate and regenerate the skin. We defend a holistic beauty: from the inside out, from the outside in. Achieving the natural glow that you so desire is much simpler than it looks.

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