Mug + Focus

Cup & Soluble Drink Pure Beauty


An exclusive design box with a ceramic cup (you can choose the color you like best) and an MPL'beauty soluble drink.

The perfect combination to multiply the moments of well-being in your life, these boxes combine a soluble drink and a ceramic cup to prepare and drink your favorite mix.

Choose from 4 cups (lilac, yellow, aqua green and pink) and 5 soluble drinks prepared with medicinal plants, superfoods and adaptogens carefully selected to restore balance and rejuvenate body and mind: Focus, Detox, Immunity, Pure Beauty and Calm. A limited collection in an exclusive box you'll love.


Ceramic mug x color of your choice

Pure Beauty soluble drink 40gr : With acai, Schisandra and Amla to care for the skin "from the inside out out".


Pure Beauty Soluble Drink 

A soluble blend of medicinal plants, superfoods, adaptogens and red fruits, specifically formulated to enhance skin elasticity. It neutralizes free radicals, preventing DNA damage, and promotes collagen production and regeneration for firmer, smoother and brighter skin - full of vitality! It is also an ally in strengthening hair and nails.




A great source of antioxidants, it is known for boosting energy levels and creativity.

Mushroom known for protecting the brain and neurological functions.

Helps relieve anxiety and stress. Balances emotions by harmonizing Mind, Body and Spirit.

Pour 1 teaspoon of the instant drink into your cup. Add milk or hot water, mix well and drink to get in the right mood.

We work to create effective products, totally free of chemicals and for this the quality of the ingredients is fundamental.

• We do not test products on animals;
* Ingredients of vegetable origin;
• 100% natural ingredients;
* Paraben-free;
* No petrochemicals;
* No silicones or synthetic fragrances;
• All ingredients are organic.

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Patrícia M.
Portugal Portugal
Eu recomendo este produto

Um excelente prenda para o Natal

A caneca é de ótima qualidade e linda! A bebida solúvel é de um ótimo tamanho para quem não conhece e gostava de experimentar. Veio tudo super bem embalado e numa caixa muito bonita. Uma excelente prenda para incentivar a família a deixar o chocolate quente e optar por algo mais nutritivo e saudável

Maria R.
Portugal Portugal
Eu recomendo este produto

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