5 ways to decrease cellulite at home

If there is something we know about cellulite is that it is not only natural, but also perfectly normal. In fact, it is something that affects more than 90% of women, in light, moderate and severe degree, and for various reasons such as hormones, genes, stress, poor circulation or less healthy life habits.

Still, and as we all know, cellulite can decrease our self-esteem, making us feel less comfortable, less beautiful or less attractive. Although we are apologists of feeling well in our own skin, embracing what makes us unique and special, we are also advocating freedom that we can improve the aspects we don't feel so well. For us, both are a form of self-love-and the important thing is that they always come from this place of esteem for ourselves!

In this article we will share five tips to help lower cellulite at home, and tell you everything you need to know about one of our new releases, created especially to straighten, tonue, sculpt and drain the skin, softening the famous look "Orange skin".

Stimulate the lymphatic system

Who follows us here on the blog knows how much we love our Hand brush! We are never tired of talking about it, and there is no shortage of reasons for it - its natural and super soft bristles allow you to brush the skin dry, being the paths of a wonderful Beauty, exfoliation and detox ritual.

In addition to making the skin softer and toned when removing dead cells, dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, boosting the natural process of liberation of toxins and helping to decrease the appearance of cellulite.


It is no secret that exfoliation has numerous benefits to our skin. When we baby the body once twice a week, we feel our skin much healthier and hydrated - and as far as cellulite it is, there is no better ally than ours Awaken Exfoliate.

Enriched with coffee and plum Kakadu, this super rich vitamin C exfoliator illuminates the skin, facing cellulite and attenuates pigmentation, while promoting the regeneration and production of collagen for a Firmer, toned and radiant appearance.


Although the factors that cause cellulite are not solely skin-related, when it is less strengthened, little nourished, dry or dehydrated, the well-known “orange peel” aspect becomes even more notorious. It was thinking about it even though we created our new Firm kit, a super news to soften, straighten, tone, sculpt and drain the skin, consisting of Firm adelgating oil and body share of body. Our new oil is a 100% natural formula with biological ingredients and reducing properties to moisturize deeply and activate circulation, while the gua -water allows the skin and help oil penetrate deeper layers. Together, these two care creates a ritual that will completely transform your skin, helping Activate lymphatic drainage, eliminate liquid and toxin retention, and attenuate the appearance of cellulite.

Exercise and maintain a balanced diet

Our daily habits are (very) important factors in the appearance of cellulite, and practicing a healthy lifestyle is essential to help lower your appearance.

Ain addition to the practice of physical exercise, especially activities such as running, yoga, hiit or strength training, maintaining a balanced diet is equally fundamental to reduce cellulite. Foods with high sugar, salt and fat, as well as too salty food, can ignite the tissues and contribute not only to the onset of cellulite, but also make it more pronounced. Our suggestion? Opt for a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and try to increase the intake of fiber -rich foods, magnesium (flax seeds, whole grains and dry fruits), and potassium (legumes and vegetables).

Drink a lot of water

Fact that: Moisturizing inside is as important as moisturizing on the outside! Without water, our skin becomes weaker, thin and wrinkled, making cellulite more visible.

Drill plenty of water It is essential to our beauty and health, and it is also an important step in increasing skin elasticity and helping to reduce cellulite. For this, nothing better than always having your Thermos, so that you never forget to drink water throughout the day!