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Aura Kit


To lighten your space and your mind, thanks to the purifying properties of Salvia and Pau Santo. Ideal for energetic cleansing, driving away negativity and renewing energies, while improving mood and calming the mind.

The Aura Kit includes a candle, an aromatherapy roll-on, and a solid moisturizer.

- It opens the way for your inner discovery and expansion;
- Improves sleep, mood, and air quality;
- Relieves nausea, pain, inflammation, and allergy symptoms.

Pau Santo: traditionally used in rituals for its power of protection and healing. It dispels bad energies, stimulates creativity and attracts prosperity. It relieves tension, stress and anxiety, calming body and mind.

Sage: It stimulates mood, memory and concentration. Its antibacterial action to remove impurities from the air.

Trabalhamos para criar produtos eficazes, totalmente livres de químicos e para isso a qualidade dos ingredientes é fundamental.

• Não testamos produtos em animais;
• Ingredientes de origem vegetal;
• Ingredientes 100% naturais;
• Sem parabenos;
• Sem petroquímicos;
• Sem silicones ou fragrâncias sintéticas;
• Todos os ingredientes são biológicos.

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