Tongue scraper: what is and what is it for?

Even if you are an oral health champion, and wash your teeth conscientiously twice a day for three minutes, you may never have heard of the tongue scraper, one of the most powerful allies for a fresh and healthy mouth. If this is the case, then this post is for you!

You copper tongue scrapers They have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, and are the best way to start your oral care every morning. The goal is to remove accumulated bacteria in the tongue during sleep, in an effective morning detox, and arouse gastric enzymes for digestive work. Incorporating this ritual into your routine, cleaning your tongue right after waking up, even before you wash your teeth, it will make wonders for your health, and give you an even more confident smile!

Tongue scraper: what is and what is it for?

Why use the tongue scraper?

In the language accumulate waste, bacteria and dead cells that can have bad breath and have a negative impact on your health. At night, especially, the body performs its daily detox process and one of the places where the toxins we release most accumulate is precisely the tongue. That's why it's so important, and beneficial, clean it every morning!

There are plastic tongue scrapers or other metals, but copper is by far the most effective, because it is a natural and selective antiseptic, as it acts on harmful bacteria, but not on “good” bacteria.

Morning detox

These are some benefits of Rtongue aspador, which will start to feel as soon as you incorporate it into your routine:

1. Improves taste and digestion: Digestion begins in the mouth, and cleaning your tongue daily will accentuate your taste buds, helping it distinguish all flavors (salty, sweet, bitter, acid) and stimulate a balanced digestive function.

2. Avoids bad breath: Since bacteria that cause bad breath tend to accumulate in the tongue, using a scraper in complement to tooth washing is essential.

3. Improves the appearance of your language: Eliminating the layer of waste that accumulates on the surface of the tongue, giving it an unhealthy look.

4. Improves your oral health: Used consistently, the tongue scraper Eliminates harmful bacteria that accumulate in the mouth, and cause tooth decay and gum problems.

Tongue scraper: what is and what is it for?

How to use the tongue scraper?

‌The ideal time to use the tongue scraper is soon after waking up before washing your teeth or drinking water. In front of the mirror, pour your tongue out (now you can, enjoy it!), Hold the scraper at the ends and touch the curved part in the background (as far as you can). With light pressure, without exerting excessive strength, slide the scraper to the tip of the tongue, removing the yellowish residue that accumulates in the tongue. Clean the scraper between tickets. Go through water and repeat the movement throughout the tongue, until no more residues leave.

Do not forget to wash your scraper well at the end of each use. It is natural for the copper to oxidize over time. Like toothbrush, scrapers should be changed every 3 months.

FAQS Language Scraper

Does the tongue scraper help fight bad breath?

Yes! Because in the language many bacteria are accumulated that are the main causes of badly. Therefore, using a tongue scraper every morning, in addition to tooth washing, has amazing results.‌

How many times should I use the tongue scraper?

Every day! Consistency is super important. Two minutes are enough to remove all residues from the tongue and start the day with a super healthy detox.

When will I feel the benefits?

Immediately. After using the tongue scraper, eliminating the accumulated waste layer on the surface, you will feel your tongue and your mouth fresh and clean like never before!

Does the tongue scraper have any contraindication?

No, but you should not use it if you have wounds or sores on your tongue. This process is very effective, but it should always be done gently. Cleaning the tongue should not cause pain.