Super woman capsules: how to take and why they work

March is officially women's month, and although every month it may be, it gives us even more reason to become aware of the giant meaning of being a woman, and to honor and take care of this “being a woman” we share.

And the truth is that in the days we live, between work, family, relationships, and time for us - summarizing, between our world and the world around us - being a woman is a great adventure, very beautiful and passionate , no doubt, but also very challenging. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more women feel tired and stressed, experimenting with peaks of energy that contrast with moments of almost exhaustion, or an unusual mix between fatigue and anxiety, not to mention the cases, in which, by accumulating of So many challenging situations, we feel on the verge of a nerve attack.

Super woman capsules: how to take and why they work

Stress that feels

We usually associate stress and anxiety with a mental state, which results from the excess pressure around us. But the truth is that the stress often starts inside, and like tiredness, we feel the stress in the body. This is because stress literally circulates in our veins through a hormone called cortisol, which acts to keep us “alert” in the face of dangers, but that, like all hormones, needs to be regulated, and in balance, to fulfill the its function as it should be.

Our hormones are already known, they float. They are oscillating by nature and everything is fine as long as they do not go "in screw". They are regulated by the endocrine system that controls body functions as essential and relevant such as hunger, reproduction, digestion, emotions, and even humor. This is an extremely complex and sensitive system: it responds to the environment and its fluctuations have a giant impact on our well-being and physical health, influencing metabolism, skin, hair, and even sleep quality.

Hormones out of orbit

In this complex system, hormones can work in harmony, interacting with each other in the best way to reach a state of balance in which we really feel good. But they can also shoot everywhere, throwing ourselves out of orbit. When this happens, we feel destabilized and disoriented, and the body begins to give signs.

Some of the most common symptoms of stress -related hormonal imbalance are chronic and unparalleled fatigue (that feeling of always being tired and being unable to turn off), sleep disorders, mood fluctuations (the result of interaction between interaction Cortisol and serotonin receptors, ie stress vs. happiness), mental fog and crackers that shoot.

We need to be aware. Listen and respect the body. Realize what you are saying and how we can act to restore balance.

Super Woman Capsules

It was thinking about the complications that uncontrolled hormones can bring to our lives, which we developed Super Woman Capsules, a natural supplement based on plants, roots and herbs, especially formulated to restore female hormonal and emotional balance. From the power of plants and adaptogenens, we created a bioavailable and bioactive supplement that comprises women and supports them from the inside, helping to reduce stress and stimulate energy, mood, well-being and focus.

These are the main ingredients, which combined can even change your life!

Ashwagandha: A powerful adaptogen that acts as an anxiety regulator, this plant helps to balance our system, restoring energy when we feel exhausted and calming the nervous system when we are angry. It is also super effective to protect immune and hormonal systems.

Shatavari: Known for its soothing effect, adaptogen supports the reproductive system and even works as an aphrodisiac. Relieves PMS symptoms and supports the hormonal system.

AMLA: Rich in vitamin C and polyphenols, this green bisque is powerful to a natural antioxidant with anti-aging properties. It helps combat oxidative stress that causes inflammation and has a positive impact on skin aspect, giving more firmness and texture as well as metabolism, increasing energy levels.

Rhodiola: This root helps fight stress, tiredness anxiety, strengthening mental clarity. Increases serotonin production (one of the anti-depression neurotransmitters) and is widely used to help combat physical and mental exhaustion, contrary to the negative effects of cortisol.

Reishi: This medicinal mushroom is amazing to strengthen our immune system. Improves sleep, relieves stress, and stimulates creativity and concentration.

Tulsi or sacred basil: Very rich in antioxidants Tulsi calms oxidative stress, and also stimulates mood, and helps to decrease anxiety.

How to take?

Take 2 capsules daily, right in the morning, with or without food. Being regular is really important to feel the effects. Each bottle has 60 capsules, enough for 1 month. Try it and be consistent. We recommend that you take skin less 3 months. You will see how this natural supplement helps you restore the balance you need so much to pass happily for the days!