Which protein is right for me?

The proteins powder are a practical way to include a dose of protein in a meal. They're perfect for starting the day or for a post-workout shake - and they're not just a fad. Breaking the evening fast with a protein-rich meal is essential for keeping sugar and energy levels stable, balancing hormone production and maintaining satiety for hours. (and even determine our appetites and cravings during the day). This macronutrient is essential for maintaining and repairing muscles, for healthy skin and hair and for carrying out vital functions in the bodyIt's important that every meal includes a protein component, alongside fats, fiber and slow-absorbing carbohydrates.

The advantages of adaptogenic proteins

The proteins mpl'beautyin addition to containing only bioavailable plant proteins (from bio-fermented brown rice, hemp, pumpkin, peas or chia), they also contain different adaptogens, chosen because they help the body in certain functions, be it skin, hair, health hormonal, energy physical or mental. Not sure which one is right for you right now? This post will answer all your questions!

Which protein is right for me?

To combat chronic fatigue, stress, hormonal and mood imbalances

Super Protein Protein

We say it has everything you need in one scoop! Formulated specifically for the female organism, with ingredients that support various functions, from hormonal to metabolic. With protein, fiber and enzymes, to more satiety, better digestion and less abdominal bloating; adaptogens, such as ashwagandha and shatavari, for reduce the effects of stress on the body, regulate mood, energy and concentration; superfoods such as wheatgrass, chlorella, barley grass and spirulina, for alkalize and detoxify the body. It's the right choice for women's general well-being - and you can start right at breakfast, with this smoothie.

To combat hair loss, strengthen hair and stimulate growth

Protein Super Hair

Protein is an essential ingredient for maintaining and repairing hair and this formula contains four types - hemp, pumpkin, pea and chia - for a varied supply of vitamins and nutrients. In addition, it contains plants such as ashwagandha and shatavari, for the balance of the nervous system (also essential to prevent hair loss or thinning), amla and he shou wu, antioxidant plants used for centuries in traditional medicine to stimulate healthy growth, prevent premature aging, fight inflammation and improve blood circulation in the scalp, thus increasing the absorption of nutrients. Our favorite way to enjoy the benefits of this protein is in this smoothie smoothie!

To stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation and boost skin firmness, radiance and elasticity

Protein Beauty Pure

You know when we say that young, healthy skin is also built from the inside out? This protein is a good place to start. Ideal for improving skin problems, preventing ageing and stimulating collagen production. With red fruits - acai, blueberries and amla - for a antioxidant and anti-aging actionand with ingredients that moisturize and cleanse the skin - rosehip and tulsi - it's a real for smooth, radiant and youthful skin. This cup of small-lunch or this tonic of collagen are two great recipes to try Protein Beauty Pure.

Which protein is right for me?

For more physical and mental energy and better physical recovery

Protein Pure Energy

The perfect protein for women with a more active lifestyle. Contains energizing adaptogenssuch as maca, eleuthro and cordyceps, which are also important for balancing the nervous and hormonal systems e strengthen immunity. The predominant (and wonderful) flavor is that of cocoa, a rich source of antioxidants and magnesiumgreat for improving mood, relieving stress, boosting energy and even awakening libido. Try Protein Pure Energy in this beat energizing - super easy to make and with few ingredients!

For more energy, concentration, memory and creative release

Creativity Protein

Matcha is one of the greatest sources of antioxidants in the plant kingdom and the star of the Creativity protein, for boosting energy levels and stimulating intellectual capacity. It works alongside adaptogens such as lions mane and eleuthro, as it improve cerebral blood circulation, boosting memory and concentrationin addition to having neuroprotective functions. It is the right protein for unlock and stimulate cognitive functions and provide a vital energy boost first thing in the morning. It also contains spirulina and chlorella which, together with matcha, help the body to detoxify and stimulate the metabolism. How about trying this detox smoothie?