October Horoscope

Harmony and balance. This is what Libra season is all about and it's no coincidence that it coincides with the arrival of fall, a time for new opportunities and fresh starts. October will be an important month, not only because of the solar eclipse on the 14th (and its ability to bring together past, present and future in a single moment), but also because of the movement of Pluto, the planet of collective transformation. What's more, the month ends with the entry into the season of Scorpio on October 23rd, and if there's ever a time to turn pain into something powerful and positive, it's right now.

October Horoscope


With Mercury in Libra, in your house of collaborations, and Venus in Virgo, in the house of work, there is a clear synergy. Look out for potential partnerships, that click with someone who can take you further creatively. No one could accuse you of being boring and disliking change, were it not for your planet being the warrior Mars. Its movements, together with those of the transformer Pluto, encourage you to break with the "established power". The solar eclipse reinforces this. You may need to surround yourself with new things in order to follow your ambition.

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It's likely that you'll feel more of a need than usual to spend time alone - and you should honor that desire. Your health and routine are points you should take care of, so that each day is more balanced, without so many excesses or stagnation. The aim is always to find what will nourish you in the long term - and the solar eclipse on the 14th falls precisely in your house of routine, making it the perfect time to rethink this. To close the cycle, there's a lunar eclipse in your sign on the 28th - and what better opportunity than this to create a radical change in your life?

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With Venus in the house of home and family, it's only natural that you feel more like making your space comfortable and that spending time there is a priority. Slow down and then go wild, especially in the second half of the month, with the solar eclipse in Libra making your creativity shine. You may feel like you're shooting in all directions, but the lunar eclipse at the end of October could be the right time to dive into your subconscious and figure out which paths you're going to choose. Intuition is key!

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October Horoscope


As your planet is the Moon and October is the month of eclipses, get ready for an emotional month. It's essential that you prioritize your time and self-care routines, especially between October 14 and 28. The first eclipse promises to be more intense, bringing changes both at home and at work. You may feel more of a need to communicate and be with people, and Venus promises to help you express yourself authentically. With the arrival of season of Scorpio, you'll feel more in your element, after a month more immersed in intuition, emotion and the subconscious.

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October is off to a great start for you, with Pluto in the 10th house (the house of popularity) and the eclipses making everything more explosive. Conversations, decisions, drama, dynamism... all culminating in the New Moon in Libra, the sign of charisma and charm needed to attract everything and everyone you need to achieve what you've been dreaming of. The stars are on your side when it comes to career and money, so October is looking more than bright for you!

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Organization and pragmatism are your hallmarks and this month you seem to have the right ground to lead and convince others to do things your way. A boost to your confidence and self-esteem, which sometimes betray you. Venus will be in your sign from the 8th and will make you value all that is beautiful and pleasurable. Relaxing, socializing, taking care of yourself... anything goes! Relaxing, socializing, taking care of yourself... anything goes! The Sun in Libra is in the second house of stability and comfort, making you reflect on harmony (or lack of it). Take advantage of the New Moon and Full Moon rituals to draw conclusions and manifest something new, if you feel like it.

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October Horoscope


With Venus in Virgo in your 12th house, it's possible that nostalgia is taking hold of you (which is also customary when we pass another birthday). In addition, Pluto will be walking through your house of emotions, and we know that he is the commander of transformations. Your intuition may tell you that it's time for a change in an important relationship or partnership, and the solar eclipse in your sign on the 14th is the push you need to let go of the old and take a leap into something new and less familiar - think of it as a celebration of your birthday! And take advantage of your month to do what you do best: be the most vain and charming (effortlessly!), cultivate beautiful things, pleasure and friends, hobbies and interests that make your mind vibrate. Happy season!

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Authenticity! You can feel free to do so more than ever. Your planet, Pluto, ends a retrograde movement on the 10th, opening up space for you to let your deepest (and perhaps even secret) beliefs flow. You may feel more socially stimulated, with Venus passing through the house of relationships and partnerships, so it's a great time to join forces with those who make you feel secure and able to achieve what you want most. Get ready to enter your season (on the 23rd) in a resounding way alongside Mercury, underlining your presence, impact, influence and your strongest desires and ambitions.

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This month is the perfect cocktail for a sign that likes a good challenge. The end of Pluto Retrograde, two eclipses and the entry into the season of Scorpio: everything a Fire sign needs for a boost of energy, determination and willpower. It really is a good time to get out of your comfort zone and explore your limits. Time to set new goals, just in time to celebrate them in your season (not that long away!).

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October Horoscope


With Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, your more ambitious and goal-oriented is even more powerful. "If I manifest it, it happens!" is the mantra. Channel all your energy into your most creative desires and expose yourself to the outside world. The end of the month, which culminates in the eclipse, promises to be an important time for networking and perhaps find the partnership you need to start something big. Keep your eyes and heart open!

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Your intellectual capacity, imagination and desire to change the world have everything to bear fruit this month. It's time to take things out of your head and imagination and turn them into something very real. Mars will be in your career house from the 11th, paving the way for limitless ambition and power. See the solar eclipse as the launch date for whatever you've been dreaming up. Venus, the planet of romance, is also passing through your chart, so take the opportunity to explore intimacy with friends or even someone special. This month is promising!

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A season of Libra may be channeling your attention towards your intimacy and how you could feel more fulfilled in this area. It's not always easy to look inwards, and it can be a period of greater introspection and nostalgia. That's why you should take advantage of the solar eclipse, already in the season of Scorpio, to immerse yourself in what makes you happiest and gives you pleasure. Scorpio is a sign that invites you to do something that costs you nothing: get inside the heads and hearts of others, empathize with their anxieties and dreams, and create true bonds. So take a deep breath, and the end of October will be much lighter and more comfortable for you.

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