How to Cleanse the Face with Serum?

The common products we use to cleanse our face remove our skin's natural oils and moisture. Rather than using your hands and water, it's time to pay attention to your face towels! The facial towels are essentially towels that provide a luxurious experience. Have you ever tried washing your face with oil? It's great for deep cleansing your face and removing makeup completely. Are we going to change your routine?


Our skin is always working, it doesn't stop for sleep. In fact when we are sleeping it is the best time for it to cleanse and regenerate more effectively.

So in the morning we should do a "quick" cleanse to prepare our skin for the day.

Swipe towel with water (it can be cold if you need that extra "wake up call").

Twist the towel and put 2 pumps of Jasmine oil!

How to cleanse and moisturize:

Swipe the towel over the entire face, especially the eye and lip area. Move the towel gently in circular motions, in order to release impurities and toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage and at the same time moisturize deeply. In the neck area, use the towel upward movements up to the chin and then down the side of the neck (below the ears up to the collarbone).

Gently apply a serum for the eye and lip area, which is thinner, where the skin is more delicate and needs more hydration and protection.

Finish and nourish: Spread 3 to 4 drops of your serum on your face (don't forget the tops of your hands too)!


Start by wetting your facial towelthis time in hot water, leave it for a few seconds on your face, to create a steam effect. This process will open your pores and melt your makeup.

Rinse towel in hot water and wring it out. Add a few drops of serum à towel. Gently wipe all over your face, neck, and chest.

Squeeze a few more drops of serum if you feel your skin is asking for it. Or if you feel it needs something "stronger" pass the balm REGENERA.


On days when you have worked harder, sweated more, had on makeup... Opt for cleaning with Balsam Puro Sol.

This is how I've been doing it every night. Pass the balsam under the dry skin, without limitation. Let it stay on for a few seconds, so it will help melt away impurities, toxins, makeup. Cleanse the balm from the skin with facial towel towel.

Apply the eye contour serum FIRSTit is very important!

How does Caroline Hirons says - if you don't do it, it's like putting a bra over your clothes. So a few drops EFFECTIVE around the eyes, lips and forehead. Followed by your favorite serum, in my case DETOX.

The skin is thirsty for nutrients and botanical actives, that's why this technique combined with the facial serums is so special and surprising! We advise you to be consistent and do this ritual every day, it is simple and super effective. It will deeply nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin!

You are super prepared for the day to day!