Cheesecake Of Passion

This creamy and delicious cheesecake has a fresh and light flavor. You can do in cheesecake form or omit the base and make it as if it were mousse. 


Serves 8


1 ½ cup of macadamias or casks cruses

1 cup of medijool dates, without a pit

pitty of salt

2 teaspoons of lime scrape

1 tablespoon shallow coconut oil


hint of cardamom


Grease a form of pebble -tovable base with coconut oil. Reserve.

Put all the ingredients in a robot and beat until you get a very chopped mixture that adds.

Turn the mixture to the prepared form and press with your fingers to level. Store in the refrigerator until you need.



2 cups of cashews

6 Passion Fruit

½ cup of coconut cream

½ cup of approach

3 tablespoons of lime or lemon juice

1 teaspoon of cardamom 

1 teaspoon vanilla powder or vanilla essence

pitty of salt

½ cup of cocoa butter or melted coconut oil


To make the filling, place the passion fruit pulp in a blender and hit for a second, just to separate the seeds from the pulp. Pass through a strainer to a bowl.

Put the pulp again in a blender without the seeds. Since the cashews, coconut cream, approach syrup, vanilla, salt and melted cocoa butter. If you need more coconut cream to help beating if you think it's too thick.

Pour into the prepared form. Level with the back of a spoon.
Store in the refrigerator for 1 hour or until firm. Or in the freezer.

To serve, cut 2 passion fruit in half and place the pulp over the pie.