5 ways to protect your hair from the sun

We have talked a lot about the importance of protecting the skin from the sun's rays and to prepare it for summer, but what about hair?
Exposure to the sun and high temperatures weakens the hair. keratin, a protein present in the hair fibers, making up 80% of each strand! The fine and lighter hair are especially vulnerable, as well as colored hairbut it is important to protect any type of hair, so that the hair can be protected. to prevent discoloration, frizzy and dehydrated hair, and irritated scalp.
Here are our tips for maintaining amazing hair as summer approaches!

1) Use a hair sunscreen
This couldn't be more than tip number 1, being the capillary sunscreen one of the newest (and most requested!) novelties in the store. This spray is composed of light and nourishing oilsable to create a light barrier between hair and the sun's rays. In addition, it is enriched with Vitamin E, which is super important for protecting the oxidative stress caused by the sun's aggressions on both skin and hair. One of the key ingredients of this solar hair spray is the is the natural bamboo-based silicone, that not only protects against solar radiation, but also improves the hair's appearancethe appearance of the hair, giving it more shine, hydration, softness and structure. It can apply to dry or wet hair, before and during sun or water activities.

2. Go natural!
The more chemicals we use on our hair, the more vulnerable it will be to sun damage. Therefore, it is very important to opt for a natural shampoo and, if you dye your hair, a natural coloring also, such as henna. Avoid blow-drying your hair or straightening it with hot plates - take advantage that it's not so cold to let your hair dry naturally. After swimming in the sea, and especially in chlorinated pools, try to rinse your hair with water right after. Also, beware of fastening your hair with rubber bands that are too tight, as they break the strands and leave your hair more fragile. Opt for wide-toothed combsinstead of using brushes, and towel dry your hair gently.

3. Reinforce moisturizing
With increased exposure to sun and heat, salt and chlorinated water, and an increase in hair washing, it is advisable to give your hair a moisture boost. The ideal is, uonce a week, use an intensive hair mask, such as the Super Hair Mask - perfect for prevent hair damage and also to help improve already burnt and dry hair. You can leave it on overnight and wash your hair in the morning, not forgetting applying conditioner to the tips. It is also beneficial to massage the scalp with a repairing serumserum, which can also be applied to the tips, to restore hydration and shine and to stimulate growth. Like the mask, you can leave it on overnight and gently wash your hair the next day.

4. protect yourself with accessories or hairstyles
Especially during the hottest hours, it is ideal to wear a hat, cap or scarf on your head just as we put on a T-shirt or stay in the shade in hotter hours. This protects the hair from the sun's rays and prevents scalp burns as well. You can also opt for wearing your hair braided or pinned up, without exaggerating or pulling the hair too much, in order not to break the strandsIt is a way to be less exposed to the sun's rays.

5. Drink lots of water!
I cannot remind you enough. And yes, in summer, enrich your water with Beauty Drops is fundamentalsince rose water and silica give an inside-out hydration boost, which is felt on the skin and hair. Take advantage of your thermos keeps the water cool and always take yours to the beach, pool or outdoor activities.